CTC Admin can create a CSV (comma-separated value) file with the passwords for your devices and email it to the recipients you specify. Here are the steps to export the passwords file to email:

  1. Click  on the left sidebar menu.
    The Devices screen will appear and list all the devices in the account you are logged in to. (See Switching Accounts for details on how to change the account you are viewing.)
  2. Locate the rows of the devices whose passwords you want to download.
    If necessary, you can use the Search feature to find them, as shown in Searching for Devices.
  3. Select the check boxes of the devices.
    Note: You can select multiple devices as follows:
    1. Click the check box at the top left of the grid.
      The Select options will appear.
    2. You can select the first 20 devices by clicking Select 20 Items on This Page.
      You can select all the devices in the grid by clicking Select All X Items.
  4. In the options bar above the grid, click  to the left of Bulk Actions.
    The Bulk Device Actions dialog box will appear.
  5. Select Device Password in the list of options on the left.
    Note: You may need to scroll down to see the Device Password item.
    The Download Device Passwords information will appear in the right frame.
  6. In the Email Address field, type the first recipient's email address and press Enter.
    If you've entered a complete email address, it will look something like this:
  7. Repeat step 6 for any other people who need to receive the CSV containing the device passwords.
    Note: You can have the file sent to up to seven recipients.
  8. After entering all the email addresses you need, click Process.
    A success message will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Click Dismiss to exit it. (Or you can wait a few seconds, and it will automatically close.)
    Each recipient will receive an email with a link they can click to download the CSV file.