In CTC Admin, each screen you navigate to displays by default the data of the account you have selected in the Account Switcher. The account you are assigned to will be chosen upon launch, but you can select any subaccount you have rights to view. To switch to a different subaccount, follow these steps:

  1. From any screen, click the Account Switcher () in the banner at the top of the screen. (Click either the icon or account name.)
    The Account Switcher will appear. (As mentioned earlier, by default, your top-level account will be chosen when you first launch CTC Admin.)
  2. If the account you want to view appears in the list, click its name.
  3. If you need a subaccount of one of the primary accounts, click the principal account's expansion arrow () (and keep expanding until you reach the level of the account).
    Then click the subaccount's name.
    Note: Alternatively, you can type part of the subaccount's name in the Search bar. Only matching accounts will appear below. (Then click the needed account name.)
  4. Click Apply.
    Whatever screen you are on will refresh to show the data for your new account, and any screen you switch to will now display the chosen account's information by default.