To view the notifications/alerts you've received for an account, follow these steps:

  1. Click  on the left sidebar menu.
    The Notifications screen will appear and list all the alerts/notifications you've received for the devices in the account you are logged in to, plus its child accounts if you have the View Subaccounts toggle selected. (See Switching Accounts if you need to change your selected account.)

  2. You can scroll down the list to view all the alerts/notifications.
  3. You can find certain alerts by searching by severity level, alert type, ESN, asset name, or the time frame in which they were reported. (The Search procedure is the same as for devices. See Searching for Devices if needed.)
  4. To view the details of a notification, click  at the far right in its row and select View.
    The Notification dialog box will display its Highlights tab, which shows the device name, severity level of the notification, alert type, location, ESN, alert name, and the date and time the alert was triggered on the left, plus a map of the location on the right.
  5. To see more details about the notification, click the Additional Information tab.
    This tab lists the asset name, type of device, whether the alert has been acknowledged, when it was acknowledged, the user who marked it as read, the triggering action, and triggering entities.