If you have Admin credentials, you can add more users and assign roles based on the application they need to access. All users created using the CTC Admin interface will receive credentials to log in via email. To add a new user, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to the account to which you want to add a new user. (See Switching Accounts if you need to change the parent account.)
  2. Click  on the left sidebar menu.
  3. Click Users on the flyout menu that appears.
    The Users screen will appear and list all the users for the account you are logged in to.
  4. Click Add New at the top right.
    The Add User dialog box will appear.
  5. In the Username field, type the username the new user will log in to CTC Admin with.
  6. Type the user's email address in the Email Address field.
  7. Type the user's first and last names in the appropriate fields.
  8. Leave the User Status field at its default value of Enabled.
    Note: The Disabled option will make the user unable to log in (for example, for account misuse), but this won't likely be necessary when you are adding a new account holder. You will still be able to make changes to a disabled user's properties. Suspended appears in the User Status drop-down list but currently has no function for users; there are plans to remove this from the user interface in the future.
  9. Usually, you will leave the End Date field blank. If you are adding an employee who should have only temporary access to CTC Admin (such as an intern or temp), instead click the calendar picker and choose a date to end their login privileges.
  10. If the user's language is different than the one their account is set to, click the Default Language drop-down arrow and select from these options: English, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.
    Note: You can leave Fallback to Group Default Language selected to have CTC Admin text displayed in their account's language setting.
  11. Click the Application drop-down arrow and select CTC Admin. 
  12. Click the Role drop-down arrow and select the role for the new user. (This depends on the level of access they will need; see What User Roles Are Available? for guidance on roles.)
  13. If the user will need to access other applications as well, you can click Add to add a new row and specify the application name and their role for it.
  14. To add the user's phone number and address, follow these steps:
    1. Click Add to the right of Contact Info.
      Phone number fields will appear.
    2. Select the type of number (such as Cell), type the user's phone number, and include an extension if needed.
    3. Click Add to the right of Address.
      Address fields will appear.
    4. Select the type of address (such as Mailing), type the user's street address, city, state, and zip code, and select their country.
  15. Click Done to add the new user.
    They will receive an email with login details.