You can view device details on the Devices screen as follows:

  1. Click  in the left sidebar menu.
    The Devices screen will appear and list all the devices in the account you are logged in to. (See Switching Accounts for details on how to change the account you are viewing.)
  2. Locate the row of the device.
    If necessary, you can use the Search feature to find it, as shown in Searching for Devices.
  3. At the far right of its row, click  and select View from the menu.
    Note: To view the details of multiple devices, instead, select their check boxes in the list. In the options bar above the grid, click  (which will appear to the right of Bulk Actions after you've checked the boxes). The Device Details window below will appear, with each device's properties appearing on a separate tab at the top. This enables you to quickly compare them.
    The device's details window will appear.
    Here is a description of the available tabs and overflow menu options:
    • Device Details tab: Displays general information about the device, such as its account, device configuration, group, and status. The Additional Information section shows the IMEI, ESN, serial number, and other data.
    • Files tab: Contains information about the current firmware and configuration files on the device and logged data. You can limit the displayed files using the drop-down list above the grid.
    • Services tab: Shows the services that have been enabled for the device, such as CrashBoxx, CalAmp Vision, and various sensors, plus the level of the services' support (such as Operational or Supported).
    • ID Report tab: Displays ID report data, including over-the-air (OTA) capabilities, file table, device services, and extensions.
    • Telemetry Events tab: Lists all the events generated by the device, such as AvlEvents and DtcEvents. You can search for events that occurred on a particular date and for specific types of events. You also can export the results to a CSV file.
      Note: This section is applicable only if your organization uses CalAmp Telematics Cloud's Data Pump subscription.
    • Alert History tab: Shows all the alert notifications that resulted from the alerts set on your devices in the Notifications module.
    • MFG Data tab: Contains any available manufacturing data for the device, such as part numbers.
    • Shipping/Warranty tab: Displays shipping information, including shipping date and carrier, and warranty details (if any).
    • Overflow menu (): You can click the overflow icon at the top right of the window to access a menu with these options:
      • Edit: To modify the detail fields for the device. (Note that not all the fields can be changed.)
      • Create Job: To update files such as firmware and PEG script for the device.
      • Move: To move a device to a different account. Devices can be moved only in the accounts belonging to the same hierarchy. To move devices to accounts in a different hierarchy, contact the CalAmp Support team at
      • Audit Log: To view system-related logs for the device.
      • Swap: To swap the device for another.
  4. You can return to the Devices grid by clicking  at the top left of the window.

Note: You can view a device's details via an API as shown here.