You can find shipping and manufacturing information in three main places in CTC Admin:

  • Devices screen: If the devices have been activated to the US or EU region, you can find shipping and manufacturing data on this page as follows:
    1. Check the Groups and Ship Date columns. The Devices grid now groups the devices by shipment, with the quantity of devices, date, and tracking number included in the group name, as shown in the Groups column below.
      Note: The Groups and Ship Date columns aren't displayed by default, but you can add them as shown in Saving Multiple Column Configurations on the Devices Screen and Customizing Displayed Columns.
    2. Open the Device Details window for the device by clicking  in its row and then View.
      Check the MFG Data and Shipping/Warranty tabs, which are populated by the Inventory Manager.
  • Provisioned Devices screen: By default, this page displays only devices that were fulfilled from orders for the Inventory region, but you can deselect Inventory Only to see all the devices your organization has ordered, for all regions. You can apply a filter or sort to see only the data you need and then export it using the  icon above the grid.
  • Provisioned Inventory report: This report returns several columns of data for your provisioned devices, including their currently assigned region (US, EU, or Inventory), the date and time that assignment was made, activation date, shipment date, part number, order number, provisioning status (Provisioned or Not_Provisioned), and processing status (such as Successfully Provisioned).
    After you run the report, make sure to scroll to the right to see the other columns. (The scroll bar becomes visible at the bottom of the grid when you mouse over the results.)