Because the Inventory Manager enables you to place an order for a device without specifying either the US or EU region — instead using the placeholder Inventory "region" — you might wonder how this affects your CRAFs (customer release authorization forms) and what the module actually does with Inventory region devices.

The Inventory Manager has its own IP address at (, which is the default maintenance address for device part numbers that aren't aimed at a different server through the CRAF process. When a device checks in to, a parameter write will be sent down to it, changing the maintenance address to either (if it has been listed in the US region) or (if in the UK region), depending on how the devices were activated and where they were ordered for. If the region is still Inventory when a device checks in to, no action will be taken.

A common CRAF/order process practice for CalAmp customers has been setting up multiple part numbers to correspond to devices ordered into the US and EU regions — for example, ending in -G10US for US or -G10EU for EU. We have consolidated such part numbers back into region-agnostic numbers, ending in -G1000.

To ensure that customer-CRAFed part numbers will flow through the process regardless of their end destination, follow these steps:

  1. In the CRAF, either specify as the maintenance address or make sure that no address is set (so that the devices use the default one).
  2. Verify that the SIM cards in the devices have whitelisted communication with the CalAmp IP addresses,, and (at the time of order or, for G1000s, after receiving the devices).
    SIM cards with a private APN (access point name) will need to be whitelisted with the carrier. SIMs that can access public internet addresses will not need to be whitelisted.
    If your networking setup involves connecting to CTC via VPN (virtual private network)/NAT (network address translation), it will need to be updated locally. Currently, parameter writes from the Inventory Manager server support only the public address for CTC Admin US and EU.