At the top of the CTC Admin screen is a Search box, in the site banner. This global Search feature offers you the ability to find accounts, users, assets, devices, and groups. To perform a search, follow these steps:

  1. Type your search criteria in the Search box.
    Note: The search is by default a Contains type, which means that if the letters or numbers you enter are anywhere within an item, it will be included in the results. You don't need to use any wildcard characters.
    After you type a character, a drop-down list will appear, offering you various areas of CTC Admin in which to search.
  2. Select the matching area in the drop-down list (such as X in Devices).
    The Search Results window will appear and display matching results in your chosen category.
  3. If the list is short, you may be able to find the exact entity you need by scrolling down.
    If not, you can type even narrower search criteria in this window's top-right Search field.
    Note: After you type one number or letter, the results in the window will be further limited.
  4. In the row of the entity you want, you can click  to see what actions you can take for it:
    • View: Opens a window with details about the entity.
    • Edit: Opens the Edit Entity dialog box.
    • Audit Log: Opens the Audit Log grid, showing changes that have been made to it.
  5. Select the action you want from the menu.
  6. If an item in the Search Results window is underlined, you can click it to launch information about the entity, such as the Device Details window or the View Asset dialog box.