CTC Admin is CalAmp’s next-generation device-management platform that succeeds PULS. It has many powerful and innovative new features, is built on a high-performance architecture, and is designed to be consistent and user-friendly.

CTC Admin enables automatic provisioning and authentication of your devices, remote configuration and management, monitoring and diagnostics, analytical dashboards, and efficient bulk firmware or software updates and maintenance.

For security and compliance, CTC Admin has two different instances, US and EU, with these URLs:

The CTC Admin platform dramatically simplifies device management and will significantly improve operational efficiencies related to device provisioning and configuration, support and troubleshooting, and general organization of devices and customers. CTC Admin will cut down device provisioning efforts, decrease revenue loss due to delayed device updates, reduce troubleshooting efforts, and increase revenue with advanced security and regulatory compliance.

Knowledge Base Scope

The articles in this knowledge base will assist users such as developers, operations personnel, and support personnel that need to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot devices using CalAmp’s new device-management platform and will give you a detailed overview of how to use the device management features and functionality using the user interface (UI).

Step-by-step procedures are provided that describe how to perform the following functions:

  • Remotely manage CalAmp device groups, firmware updates, and configuration changes
  • Monitor devices' operational status and microservices
  • View device firmware updates and configuration change history
  • View or modify device configuration
  • View or add device files to your account
  • Set up subaccounts
  • Set up and organize device groups
  • Manage users and user permissions for devices and accounts