To schedule a report, follow these steps:

Note: There are three reports you will find the most useful when you are getting started. See What Reports Should You Begin With? for details.

Caution: Make sure that you have dedicated time to complete the procedure below before you begin. The Reports screen times out after 30 minutes of inactivity, so if you stop in the middle of the task and try to return to it, you'll have to start over.

  1. Click  in the left sidebar menu.
    The Reports screen will appear and list all the available reports alphabetically.
  2. Locate the tile of the report you want to schedule, such as Devices Basic Report.
    Note: To find it, you can scroll down or type part of its name in the Search Reports bar, such as "device." After you type a few characters, the list will be limited to only reports that match your search criteria.
  3. On the tile of the report you want to schedule, click  at the top right and select Schedule Report on the menu that appears.
    The Add Schedule Report dialog box will appear.
  4. You can leave the default filename assigned to the report, or you can add to or replace the text in the Schedule Report Name field to personalize the name (such as "Devices Basic Report - every Monday").
  5. Click the Delivery Schedule drop-down arrow and select the frequency of the report (Once, Weekly, or Monthly).
  6. Follow up with one of these steps, depending on your choice:
    • Once: Specify the time and date.
    • Weekly: Choose if the report will run every week or will skip weeks. (For example, enter 2 for the Repeat Every value to have the report run every other week.) Then select the time, date it will begin, and the days of the week you want it to run. In the End Repeat field, select a date for the report to stop running.
    • Monthly: Type a Repeat Every value or leave the 1 to have the report run once a month. Then select the time of day for its run, the start date, and when you want it to stop running.
  7. Type the recipients in the Email/Primary Recipients field, pressing Enter after each.
    Note: By default, your email address will already be listed.
  8. In the Message field, type the body of your email, perhaps providing a short description of the scheduled report.
  9. Click the Report Format drop-down arrow and select PDF or CSV as the output format.
  10. Click the Send Report Type drop-down arrow and select whether to send the report as a link or attachment.
  11. Click Schedule Report.
  12. You can see that a schedule exists for the report at the bottom of its tile.
    Note: You can click Scheduled: time to update or delete the scheduled report.