You can add a new asset as follows:

  1. Click Admin in the left sidebar menu to expand its selections. (You may need to click its expansion arrow as well to see the submenu.)
  2. Click Assets on the submenu.
    The Assets screen will appear.
  3. Click Add at the top right.
    The Add Asset window will appear.
  4. Type the name, description, and other details on the first page of the Add Asset window, General Information.
  5. Make sure to specify the asset type using the Asset Type drop-down list.
  6. Click Next to proceed to the Additional Information page.
  7. Fill in as many fields as needed, based on use case.
  8. Click Next to continue to the Associations page.
  9. If applicable, click the plus sign to select devices or assets to be associated with your new asset, select the devices or assets, and then click Select.
  10. Click Next to continue to the Confirmation page.
    Note: If the asset doesn't need any associations, click Skip.
  11. Click Confirm to create the new asset.