To schedule a report, follow these steps:

Note: There are three reports you will find the most useful when you are getting started. See What Reports Should You Begin With? for details.

  1. Click Reports in the left sidebar menu to expand its selections. (You may need to click its expansion arrow as well to see the submenu.)
  2. Click Scheduled on the submenu.
    Your scheduled reports, if any, will appear.
  3. Click Add at the top right.
    The Add Scheduled Report window will appear.
  4. Click the Select Report drop-down arrow and choose the name of the report you want to schedule.
  5. In the Name field, type the name want to appear on the Scheduled Reports screen, such as "Advanced Device Details, every Monday."
  6. Select PDF or CSV as the output format.
  7. Select the frequency of the report (such as Weekly and then Mon) and the duration.
    Note: If you don't provide an end date, the report will run indefinitely.
  8. You also can specify the time of day for the report to run.
  9. Click the Time Zone drop-down arrow and select your time zone.
  10. Type the recipients in the Email Report To field, separating multiple email addresses with a comma.
  11. In the Email Message field, type the body of your email, perhaps providing a short description of the scheduled report.
  12. Select whether to send the report as a link or attachment.
  13. Click Save.