To add a new alert, follow these steps:

  1. Click Alerts in the left sidebar menu to expand its selections. (You may need to click its expansion arrow as well to see the submenu.)
  2. Click Alerts Setup on the submenu.
    The Alerts Setup screen will appear and list all the alerts someone in your organization has created.
    Note: These aren't notifications you've received about your devices. These are the configurations that have been created to trigger those notifications.
  3. Click Add at the top right.
    The Add Alert Configuration window will appear.
  4. Type the name to use for the alert in the Name field.
  5. Type an explanation of what the notification is designed to inform the user about in the Description field.
  6. If you want the alert to be triggered by assets in subaccounts of the account you are logged in to, select Process for Subaccounts.
  7. Click the Alert Type drop-down arrow and select the alert type you want to use.
  8. Click the Severity drop-down arrow and select the priority level of the alert: Low, Medium, High, or Critical.
  9. Leave the Status field at its default value of Enable.
  10. Optionally, in the Snooze Duration field, type a snooze value (in seconds) for how long you would like the system to wait before sending another notification triggered from this alert.
  11. If the alert type requires trigger values, enter those (or update their default values, if needed).
  12. Choose how you want the notification to be delivered — by text (SMS), email, URL POST, and/or push notification — and enter the contact, template, and/or platform information on the corresponding tabs.
  13. Click Save.