To cancel an entire job, follow these steps:

  1. Click Provisioning in the left sidebar menu to expand its selections. (You may need to click its expansion arrow as well to see the submenu.)
  2. Click Jobs on the submenu.
    The Jobs screen will appear and list all the jobs in the account you are logged in to.
  3. Locate the row of the job.
    If necessary, you can search by job name or ID or filter by its status or the date it was created to find it. (The Search and Filter feature procedure is the same as for devices. See Searching for Devices if needed.)
  4. In the row of the job, click the link in the Job Name column.
    A pop-up window will open to display the job's details, including all its tasks (files) and the status of each file on your devices. 
  5. Click Cancel Job at the bottom right.
    Note: The button will be grayed out if you cannot cancel the job, such as when its status is Failed or Completed. Also, files that already have been updated on the devices will not be undone by canceling a job or task.