To see the overall status of a job, follow these steps:

  1. Click Provisioning in the left sidebar menu to expand its selections. (You may need to click its expansion arrow as well to see the submenu.)
  2. Click Jobs on the submenu.
    The Jobs screen will appear and list all the jobs in the account you are logged in to.
  3. Locate the row of the job.
    If necessary, you can search by job name or ID or filter by its status or the date it was created to find it. (The Search and Filter feature procedure is the same as for devices. See Searching for Devices if needed.)
  4. Check the value in the Progress Status column.
    Here is what the results indicate:
    • Pending: The job was submitted recently but hasn't been processed by the system.
    • In Progress: The job is in the middle of being processed.
    • Completed: The system has processed the job and successfully finished the tasks.
    • Failed: The system has processed the job but failed to perform its tasks.
    • Canceled: The job was canceled by a user.

Note: You can export the results of the Jobs screen to a CSV file by clicking the Export button at the top right of the screen.