On the Devices screen, you can see what devices are in your account and view their details. You also can perform actions such as creating groups and jobs (which is how you perform over-the-air [OTA] updates). To view your devices, follow these steps: 

  1. Click Devices in the left sidebar menu.
    The Devices screen will appear and list all the devices in the account you are logged in to.
    The Default view displays only certain columns in the Devices grid: Device ID, Device Name, Device Identifier, Device Model, Groups, Enabled Services, Asset, Last Reported Date, Status, Last Comm. Date, and Actions.
  2. You can change your view via the options at the top right (Default or Services view).
    The Services view shows these columns: Device ID, Device Name, Device Identifier, Device Model, Device Configuration, Air ID, Firmware Version, PEG Behavior, Enabled Services, Status, and Actions.
  3. You can customize which columns are displayed by clicking the Columns drop-down arrow, selecting the ones you want to see, and clicking Apply.
  4. To display devices in subaccounts, select the Include All Subaccounts toggle.